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Show Panel

Josie Lewis

My works are a blend of micro and macro: a satellite image confused with a blown-up cellular structure. They are enormous maps, a Petri dish of cancers, worm holes, embroidery, mosaic, and star-scapes.

The work is made with found paper and resin. I use popular print media and cut the paper into small strips. I apply the scraps, one by one, to a wooden panel. After creating the beginnings of a composition, I begin to alternate layers of paper with resin, a glossy, viscous material. The paper scraps, suspended in the resin, actually cast a tiny shadow on the lower layers. For me these works are paintings, though, strictly speaking, they are collage. On account of the shadows and actual deep space (as opposed to simulated space) they also flirt with the sculptural tradition of the round.

The paper pieces are more dependent on the painterly "brush stroke" than my earlier work in oils ever were. The scraps create an undulating, Van-Gogh-meets-pixels kind of surface. The ghost of what lies beneath the surface of the page--text, color, and pattern—-emerges. A rhythmic topography appears, map-like. The resulting image is divorced from its representational origins but not from its pater familias, the photograph. The photograph is disassembled, and like a D.J., I mix up its origin, blur it, skip it, speed it up and slow it down.

A boa constrictor eats its meal whole, and lumpishly processes its nourishment. Deer have four stomachs. Whales filter thousands of gallons of sea water to obtain their tiny plankton diets. In the same way these creatures find nourishment, I’m processing my muse and my resulting work is made from all the bits.